Governance Of TVET Colleges Under Investigation -

Governance Of TVET Colleges Under Investigation

Several issues at TVET colleges, including the state of management and administration, have raised questions. Research into the governance of TVET colleges is now underway.

A few issues have arisen at TVET colleges around the country, with some concerns surrounding the management of councils. This has led to research being conducted into the governance of TVET colleges.

The current council (2019-2024) is the second in the history of council governance at TVET colleges. This is why college governance in South Africa is now at the point where culture and practice are being consolidated.

There is still very little research into the governance of TVET colleges in comparison to universities. However, it has been revealed that there is a significant amount of work that needs to be put in to ensure that governance practices comply with professional and ethical standards.

To achieve this, last year the Department instituted a quarterly capacity-building programme that focuses specifically on governance challenges.

TVET Colleges In Question

Two of the fifty TVET colleges have been placed under administration.

Central Johannesburg TVET College’s administration has recently come to an end. The Department has appointed a new principal and a new council will soon take over governance.

Only the governance function of Letaba TVET College has been placed under administration, however, a new council will be appointed by November of this year.

Several colleges are facing challenges regarding relationships between the council and other stakeholders.

This includes Buffalo City TVET College where the functionality of the college has been compromised due to ongoing conflict between the council, the chairperson of the council and relevant stakeholders. A forensic investigator has been appointed by the Department to deal with this issue.

The Department has intervened in a similar situation at Thekwini TVET College. Progress of the intervention is currently being monitored.

There are concerns about the management at Lovedale TVET College. A Task Team has been appointed to stabilise the situation, both in the long term and short term.

Appointment Of Council Members For 2025-2030

The terms of office for council members at 48 of the colleges are coming to an end between November 2023 and March 2024. The Department has prepared a submission for the advertising of these positions.

After the appointment process has been completed, the Department will induct all council members before they begin their duties in September 2023.

Research Into The Governance Of TVET Colleges

The Department has entered a partnership with the University of The Western Cape (UWC) to conduct research into the governance of TVET colleges.

The research is currently underway and the final report is expected at the end of the year. This is the first research of its kind, with the aim of providing more data and insight into the governance of councils.

The findings of the report will be used to focus the institutional support provided by the Department on areas that require immediate intervention.

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