Graduate Trainee Information Technology At Toyota -

Graduate Trainee Information Technology At Toyota

Graduate Trainee Information Technology At Toyota

Toyota invites graduates to move their careers to the next level through an exciting development opportunity aimed at producing future leaders

For the past 2 decades Toyota has been a market leader in the Automotive industry. Our organisation is based in Durban and Johannesburg and offers the opportunity of a structured career progression programme in various sectors including Engineering, Finance, IT, Computer Science, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Commerce and Human Resources.


With its emergence as a diversified, international corporate leader, Toyota has an established set of values, beliefs, principles and business methods that act as the lifehood of the company; we call them The Toyota Way. Two main pillars support The Toyota Way: Respect for People and Continuous Improvement. These two pillars are the Foundation of the Graduate Programme which strives, to develop excelling individuals through a combination of 70% on-the-job development, 20% classroom training and 10% mentorship.




Immersive Training programme

Access to a variety of benefits such as: Study assistance, Car benefits, Relocation allowances, Competitive salary packages, Subsidised canteen facilities and Employee well-being and health services.

Performance Management – Competency and value driven performance management system aimed at developing future leaders.



Applicants must be in their final year of studying or have completed the required qualification.

Qualifications: Diploma or Degree in Information Technology



Agile thinkers who are committed to self-development.

Passionate outcomes-based employees who strive for change and improvement.

Leaders in their own right, who will become part of our future leadership.



Should you be successful, our recruiter will be in contact with you to complete a series of Assessments.


Panel Virtual Interview

Technical Presentation

Psychometric Assessments

The 2-year development programme starts on the 1st of February 2024

All employment will be done in line with relevant legislation and company policies.

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